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Bob Clyatt
Beyond Rodin: New Directions in Contemporary Figurative Sculpture

1,605,000 YouTube Views

Beyond Rodin: New Directions in Contemporary Sculpture Figurative Sculpture is an exhibition of 19 U.S. based sculptors curated by sculptor Bob Clyatt at The Rye Arts Center in Rye, New York. Click here to see Bob Clyatt’s ARTIST REGISTRY PAGE.

The New York Times covered this exhibition, but Bob is a good friend of, and we got him to give us a tour of this wonderful exhibition that included artists Audrey Flack, Emil Alzamora, Sequoyah Aono, Deborah Baldizar, Joan Benefiel & Jeremy Leichman, Paige Bradley, Susan Clinard, Tricia Cline, Bob Clyatt, Sarah Coble, Carole Feuerman, Barney Hodes, Alex Kveton, Jedediah Morfit, Bret Reilly, Bernard Rowan, Susan Saladino, Judy Sigunick and Chris Smith.

Patricia Watwood

Patricia Watwood released a tutorial DVD and turned to TheGreatNude to develop and publish some advertising banners to promote her new DVD as well as her workshops and commissions.

Patricia also has an Artist Registry page here, and both this page and her ad banner provide a steady stream of interested parties from our website to Patricia’s at


Janet A. Cook

Janet A. Cook @ Dacia Gallery
8,500 YouTube views

Janet A. Cook’s solo show at Dacia Gallery “Ars longa vita brevis” features a number of lovely, colorful paintings of the female form. TheGreatNude went downtown to capture these beautiful works for our viewers. Click here to see the Artist Registry page for Janet A. Cook.

Aleah Chapin
Aleah Chapin at Flowers Gallery 2016
16,100 YouTube views

Figurative artist Aleah Chapin exhibited her newest paintings at Flowers Gallery, New York, May 12  – June 11, 2016. Flowers Gallery asked TheGreatNude to conduct an interview via phone by publisher Jeffrey Wiener. The large works are gorgeous and the video really helps to convey the detail.

Stefano Losi

Stefano Losi: Respiro – Interview and Poetry Reading
29,500 YouTube views

I was invited to an art exhibition at the Untied Nations by TheGreatNude Registry’s Stefano Losi, a figurative artist, poet, and sculptor. The opening was well attended by fans of his work, and diplomats from a number of nations. I had a chance to meet up with Stefano before the opening to chat about the road that led him to this modern Renaissance life here in New York. Click here to view Stefano Losi’s Artist Registry page.

GALLERIES/ARTISTS: If you wish to commission a professional art video like this video about artist Leah Poller we provide professional audio/video editing for reasonable, negotiated fees.

Marketing your figurative nudes has now gotten easier!

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