Alonsa Guevara @AnnaZorinaGallery

Alonsa Guevara – Espiritu At Anna Zorina Gallery, NYC Upon entering the gallery there is a palpable sense of lushness. A cacophony of colors and the smell of ripened fruit compete for influence on our senses. Tall canvases line the wall containing gorgeous life size paintings of young women, silently holding our gaze, and covered […]


Gallery: Scott Goodwillie

Artist Statement: In my works I am often dealing with myth as subject matter. I have since an early age been influenced by the writings of Joseph Campbell. For me, myth does not stop with our cultural archives, but can evolve new meanings with sufficient imagination. Specifically compelling to me are the temple carvings of […]


Kim Joon: Fragments

Kim Joon: Fragments Sundaram Tagore Gallery October, 2010 There is definitely something of the “Wow factor” when you walk through the gallery doors and encounter these large scale computer generated (CAD) works. Korean artist Kim Joon delivers striking imagery, beautifully detailed with patterns borrowed from tattoo culture to high culture porcelain china, such as Villeroy […]


Bettina Rheims: Girls Night In

Bettina Rheims: Girls Night In Edwynn Houk Gallery, September 16th – November 6th , 2010 OK, so who hasn’t she photographed yet? From pop stars to fashion models, and in 1995 a commissioned portrait of Jacques Chirac, this internationally known French photographer has established herself as one of Europe’s most critically acclaimed artists. Her background […]


John Currin: New Paintings (2010)

John Currin at Gagosian Gallery, November, 2010 Fragonnard and Bronzino walk into a 60’s style house party where pills are served along with beverages. Fragonnard grabs the Viagra and Bronzino takes the acid – and any offspring of an ensuing tryst would undoubtably have to be John Currin. The current exhibition at Gagosian Gallery in New York […]