Gallery: Bob Clyatt

Artist Statement:

All my work is based on the human figure, almost always using the live model. Critic Anne Albert recently wrote, “Clyatt’s work appropriates classical figure sculpting methods and forms, yet through the use of postmodern and contemporary tropes it subverts the all-too-familiar prejudices against the figure generally and the nude in particular.” All of us working with the nude have stories: Public art commissions declined, gallerists turning work back for feared offenses against public taste, people seeking the erotic where none was intended, academic indifference.


Bob Clyatt grew up roaming the countryside of Northern California, ending up studying art at UC Berkeley in the late ‘70s. Absorbing the zeitgeist of that time and place created a desire for fusion in Bob’s work – ancient and modern, organic and technological. Using clay as his central medium connects Bob to the oldest art-making traditions. He uses a range of vehicles such as assemblage and the introduction of modern materials and gesture to bring about a fusion in the work to give it a contemporary voice. Bob has eight years of formal sculpture education centered on his years of studio and coursework at the Art Student’s League of New York, under the guidance of Barney Hodes.


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