Gallery: Jeffrey Wiener

Artist Statement:

As an Artist, I am constantly searching for ways to express my deeper observations on humanity. It’s that simple. Sometimes, I pack my largest thoughts into a complicated image. Sometimes, I focus on how beautiful we are as a species in a simple drawing of a nude figure. I have developed several “bodies” of works in several mediums, and these are documents that I consider important to me. Nude Life Studies, Portraiture, and Dreamscapes give me a great amount of inspiration. I am also fascinated by Life Drawing with new technologies.


Jeffrey Wiener was born in Miami, Florida, and as a very young artist was heavily influenced by the painters of the Renaissance, and 20th Century artists such as Thomas Hart Benton, Paul Cadmus, and especially MC Escher, who’s print-making created a deep and lasting impression on the young artist with regard to print-making techniques. When the World Wide Web was unveiled, Jeffrey was one of the first galleries online, where he showcased the artworks he was exhibiting in the early 1990′s in SOHO’s art galleries.

Today, Jeffrey Wiener is the publisher of, a web/video magazine for the Figurative Arts, with articles and videos that feature artists who are dedicated to using the nude in their art. Launched in 2007, has grown into a respected, paid-subscription publication with thousands of subscribers who’s demographics include artists, collectors, gallery owners, decorators, and thousands of fans of figurative art. In 2010, Jeffrey Wiener produced TheGreatNude Invitational presenting 27 international artists at the Roger Smith Hotel in NYC.


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