Exhibitions Registry

Gallery: J. Wayne Higgs

Artist Statement: “Self-Portraits” is an exploration of human sexuality, its depersonalization and even brutalization by our culture; the unlikely fusion of sacred and erotic feelings; the tension of experiencing our bodies and souls as two separate parts of ourselves, one higher and nobler than the other; or, the exhilaration of experiencing the body and soul […]


Peter: Male Model from D.C.

Working as a figure and portrait model since March 2006. Worked as a model for drawing, painting and sculpture including group model marathons at VisArts (Rockville, Md near Washington DC) organized by the artist/instructor Ricardo Pontes. Worked at the Art League School (Alexandria, Va) for Robert Liberace and Marjorie Forgues, the Corcoran School, University of […]


Gallery: Ken Grant

  Artist Statement: To me art is a very personal thing.  It’s all about visual communication between the artist and the viewer. If a piece of art moves you and speaks to you it is a great painting no matter the medium or style. If it makes you want to take it into your life […]


Gallery: L’OR

  Artist Statement: Out of a dynamic and fluid background, I create a figure captured in a single moment of time. My most expressive works are those of my love. Our love is always evolving, each painting is an expression of our love at a particular moment. Biography: Born in 1960 in Montreal, L’OR discovered the pleasure […]


Gallery: Jeffrey Wiener

Artist Statement: As an Artist, I am constantly searching for ways to express my deeper observations on humanity. It’s that simple. Sometimes, I pack my largest thoughts into a complicated image. Sometimes, I focus on how beautiful we are as a species in a simple drawing of a nude figure. I have developed several “bodies” […]


Gallery: Charles Swisher

  Artist Statement: I count myself among a growing number of painters addressing the resurgent interest in the nude as motif. My approach is visceral, fluid, and direct. It is the formal character of painting that I am interested in, the composition, form and quality of color. Working from life with a wide array of […]


Gallery: Patricia Watwood

  Artist Statement: I am a contemporary figurative artist working in the classical tradition of oil painting. I use narrative structures like allegory and myth to explore meaning in our common experience. I create images to evoke our spiritual human presence and emotional connection through art. The nude is my primary subject, and is to […]


Gallery: Scott Goodwillie

Artist Statement: In my works I am often dealing with myth as subject matter. I have since an early age been influenced by the writings of Joseph Campbell. For me, myth does not stop with our cultural archives, but can evolve new meanings with sufficient imagination. Specifically compelling to me are the temple carvings of […]