Gallery: L’OR

Artist Statement:

Out of a dynamic and fluid background, I create a figure captured in a single moment of time. My most expressive works are those of my love. Our love is always evolving, each painting is an expression of our love at a particular moment.


Born in 1960 in Montreal, L’OR discovered the pleasure of painting at a very young age. Her appreciation of color and the human form were already evident in her paintings and would remain her passion. “My father, a cardiologist, taught me to embrace emotions and understand impact on human behavior and my  grandfather, a hockey player for the Canadians was my inspiration to capture the grace of human movement.

L’OR studied Art and Graphic Design at Concordia University and later developed as a portrait and figure artist. Winner of 14 awards, she has exhibited widely in Canada and internationally. Her works have been exhibited in more than one gallery in New York, at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris and most recently in Chicago.


To understand my technique and motivation, view my video:

1. In French:

2. In English:

3. In French:

4. Non spoken video:

5: In French:

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