Gallery: Scott Goodwillie

Artist Statement:

In my works I am often dealing with myth as subject matter. I have since an early age been influenced by the writings of Joseph Campbell. For me, myth does not stop with our cultural archives, but can evolve new meanings with sufficient imagination. Specifically compelling to me are the temple carvings of Khajuraho, India, which have been a rich source of inspiration for me. How to bring these gods down to a human level, this is something I am fascinated by. The process of inverting and subverting their intentions, this is part of the humor and humility I wish to inject into these myths.


Scott Goodwillie taught himself the art of painting at a young age and upon his arrival in New York City in 1992 studied in the atelier of Michael Aviano. Merging classical technique with unique subject matter, his work was quickly picked up by galleries across the nation. His paintings have been featured in numerous publications and The Frye art Museum in Seattle held a mid career retrospective in 2004 bringing together the diversity of his work from various collections.


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