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Gallery: J. Wayne Higgs

Artist Statement:

“Self-Portraits” is an exploration of human sexuality, its depersonalization and even brutalization by our culture; the unlikely fusion of sacred and erotic feelings; the tension of experiencing our bodies and souls as two separate parts of ourselves, one higher and nobler than the other; or, the exhilaration of experiencing the body and soul as one; and, finally, the increasing fear of aging, a fear worse than death for some.


I’m a retired Professional photographer now using my time for my fine art photography and as a life model for other artist. I’ve been photographing the nude since 1965 beginning with nude self-portraits. Self-portraiture, alone and with other models is still a major theme in my art.

Note about my nude photography: During the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s my nude photography appeared in many publications including those published by Guild Press, Ltd., Elysium Inc., and also in Honcho, Mandate, Stars, and Drummer magazines. My nude self-portrait work was included in The Washington Photography in the Seventies show at The Washington Project for the Art, The Freshworks exhibit at The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and several art galleries in the Washington DC, including in a two man show at The Intuitive Eye Gallery.


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