Alonsa Guevara @AnnaZorinaGallery

Alonsa Guevara – Espiritu At Anna Zorina Gallery, NYC Upon entering the gallery there is a palpable sense of lushness. A cacophony of colors and the smell of ripened fruit compete for influence on our senses. Tall canvases line the wall containing gorgeous life size paintings of young women, silently holding our gaze, and covered […]


Jenny Poses for TheGreatNude

One of our favorite models in a series of flat reclining poses. Resting on a warm-yellow wooden floor, under a bright sunlamp, our model catches reflected light and displays a wonderful range of undulating shadows. These strong contrasts of light and color are always a challenge to the artist drawing from Life. In the video […]


Gallery: Ken Grant

  Artist Statement: To me art is a very personal thing.  It’s all about visual communication between the artist and the viewer. If a piece of art moves you and speaks to you it is a great painting no matter the medium or style. If it makes you want to take it into your life […]


Gallery: L’OR

  Artist Statement: Out of a dynamic and fluid background, I create a figure captured in a single moment of time. My most expressive works are those of my love. Our love is always evolving, each painting is an expression of our love at a particular moment. Biography: Born in 1960 in Montreal, L’OR discovered the pleasure […]


Gallery: Lilianne Milgrom

  Artist Statement: It would be difficult to categorize my work according to a specific genre, style, or even theme – a  subject intrinsically demands its own form of artistic expression. I have found that combining different art forms allows for the creation of a more complex visual language. My starting point is usually figurative […]


Gallery: Cheryl Maeder

Artist Statement: The Dreamscapes Series were inspired by my travels to the Mediterranean coastal towns of Spain. I found that photographing in the impressionistic style causes the viewer to see the entire image with its palette of colors, form & light creating a mood, an emotion. My camera becomes my paintbrush, my instrument to convey […]


Gallery: Janet A. Cook

Artist Statement: The common thread through out my work is my fascination with the figure; it’s timeless, beautiful and powerful. Additional inspiration comes from a variety of sources ranging from the old masters to modern day advertising, graffiti and body art. My goal is to combine these elements, along with my own imagination into a […]