Bodies in Action

Mitchel Gray: Bodies in Action Curated by Robert Curcio Elga Wimmer PCC August 10 to September 9, 2016 526 West 26 Street, #310   NY NY 10001 Reception: Wednesday, August 10; 6-8pm Benefiting the Heart & Soul Fund, and sponsored by Visa Imports Ltd. and Pitopia Gallery Open: Tuesday – Friday, 12-6pm Prints by Duggal Visual […]


Gallery: Bob Clyatt

  Artist Statement: All my work is based on the human figure, almost always using the live model. Critic Anne Albert recently wrote, “Clyatt’s work appropriates classical figure sculpting methods and forms, yet through the use of postmodern and contemporary tropes it subverts the all-too-familiar prejudices against the figure generally and the nude in particular.” […]


Gallery: Lilianne Milgrom

  Artist Statement: It would be difficult to categorize my work according to a specific genre, style, or even theme – a  subject intrinsically demands its own form of artistic expression. I have found that combining different art forms allows for the creation of a more complex visual language. My starting point is usually figurative […]


Gallery: Jeffrey Wiener

Artist Statement: As an Artist, I am constantly searching for ways to express my deeper observations on humanity. It’s that simple. Sometimes, I pack my largest thoughts into a complicated image. Sometimes, I focus on how beautiful we are as a species in a simple drawing of a nude figure. I have developed several “bodies” […]


Gallery: Sherry Camhy

Artist Statement: Sometimes I draw with a brush. Sometimes I paint with a pencil. I always try  to tell the truth as I see it.   Biography: Sherry Camhy’s work is in the permanent collection of The New Orleans Museum of Art, The Israel Museum, The New York Public Library, The Telfair Museum of Art, Savannah, […]


Gallery: Patricia Watwood

  Artist Statement: I am a contemporary figurative artist working in the classical tradition of oil painting. I use narrative structures like allegory and myth to explore meaning in our common experience. I create images to evoke our spiritual human presence and emotional connection through art. The nude is my primary subject, and is to […]