Redesigning as the “Figurative Arts Network”

Redesigning as the “Figurative Arts Network”

(Starring the Artists of the Registry)

I’ve been designing websites for over 20 years now, and through my marketing firm Dangerous Media, I now produce and manage online marketing, advertising, and social media for all kinds of clients. When I decided to create an “Artists’ Website” back in 2007, I did so with my own friends’ needs in mind, and with an eye on the future of marketing technologies. My goal was to give Artists the tools of promotion equal to those I was providing my clients, and help them sell some of those “great nudes” to a difficult marketplace full of challenges you ALL know so well.

In the 7 years since I launched, I have refocused the website several times based on feedback from Artists and the arrival of new technologies. I also ambitiously added Public Events to this magazine’s offerings, and produced several Figurative Art Exhibits for the public. I watched the rise of YouTube, and in turn, I have published over 60 videos, many featuring you and your Artworks. Many Registry Artists have been exposed to tens of thousands of Art Fans through videos produced by TheGreatNude.

With the rise of social media, I began promoting your artworks on our own Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Vimeo and YouTube channels. But when I found that your Artworks could be removed because of complaints by those who were offended by the Nude, I felt I needed to design a Social Media platform JUST for artists, and specifically for Figurative Artists like you.

Today, I present the newest version of TheGreatNude: a community-focused website built on WORDPRESS, that is responsive to all viewing devices. Not only is this website more attractive to Search Engines, Artist Registry Members can publish articles directly onto with no fear of censorship. Since many of you Artists also write about the Figurative Arts, you are now welcome to think of as YOUR Figurative Arts magazine now.

For those of you who know WORDPRESS, you’ll find managing your Gallery and publishing to our audience easy. If you need any help, email or call me and I can help you get through your issue. For those techno-phobes who now want to learn how to publish with WordPress, I offer a 15 minute free phone consultation, to help get you acquainted with the new website and how to edit your page and publish an article.

It’s tough enough being an Artist who believes in the road they have chosen. Those of you who are dedicated to creating that next “Great Nude” have a difficult marketplace ahead, one that is increasingly online and comfortable with purchasing works sight-unseen. This website was designed to help you both find each other. (Stay tuned for upcoming announcements.) If you embrace this “Social Media” website as your own, I’ll consider your feedback and try to make adjustments so it meets your needs.


Jeffrey Wiener,
[email protected]

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