March Workshop at Art Students League: Figure Drawing with the iPad


This is my second workshop with the Art Students League of NY. The first workshop was last September, 2014. The school is working at developing educational programming for several digital art making tools, and I hope to see “Figure Drawing with the iPad” become a regular offering soon.

This year’s class at the Art Students League workshop is open to 12 students. Last year’s class was 10, and I was able to give individualized attention for those who needed help with technology issues and helping them find their way around the APP.

Some students are beginners, and they have rudimentary Life Drawing skills. But many students are already proficient in art making with the popular APPs I use in class (Procreate and Sketchbook Pro) and they come ready to draw. These students are there to learn the new techniques for Life Drawing with the iPad that I have developed, and they are already well versed in traditional Life Drawing techniques.

I do not know who else is teaching this formally, but I believe that every art school will eventually have to offer teachers for those students who are producing digital artworks on the mobile tablet and/or Smartphone. I see these art-making devices as a disruptive, breakthrough technology that artists should embrace.

I hope to see you at one of my iPad workshops!


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