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Patricia Watwood: New Workshops in Figurative Painting

TheGreatNude’s Member Artists are in some instances world-class teachers on top of exhibiting professionals. Take Patricia Watwood for example. This busy artist is always on the go. This month, you’ll find her on the faculty and giving demos at the Figurative Arts Convention and Expo (#FACE18) in Coral Gables, Florida this November 7-10th, 2019.

Visit Patricia Watwood’s website for a complete schedule. I’ve included some great testimonials down below the image gallery. If you miss that chance in Miami to learn from this talented figurative painter, you might be able to take one of her workshops in these other locations below:


Gage Academy of Art
Seattle, WA
Nov 26-30, 2018 (Monday – Friday)
This 5 Day workshop will focus on strategies for composition, design and creativity, including creating a thumbnail sketch.

The Florence Academy of Art
Florence, Italy
Feb 18-22, 2019 (Monday – Friday)
The theme of this 5-day figure workshop is learning simple strategies you can use to create complex figurative artwork.

Here are some photos of Patricia working in the studio from her DVD and other venues:


“I also ordered your Portraits from Life DVD, which I watched today. You are an amazing artist as well as teacher.  Your ability to fully explain exactly what you are doing as you are doing it shows how relaxed and capable you are both as an artist and a teacher…. Your way of softening edges, expressing a slightly harder edge in the areas you wish to draw attention to. I especially liked the limited palette in day one; so orderly and a way to built without confusion.”

Sharon Trainor, Colorado


“I am finding this course so useful. I have learned more in just one of your classes than I learned in I a 6 week evening class at my local college.”

Craftsy Drawing Essentials student Liz,


“Hi! Patricia. I just finished your wonderful drawing class and let me tell you that I’ve been taking classes for years and learned a lot with your 10 Essential Techniques for Better Drawing than I ever imagined. You’re a great artist and an amazing and knowledgeable teacher. I truly enjoyed your class and highly recommend it to anyone interested in drawing. My drawing skills have improved dramatically after this class.”

Betty Diesner, British Columbia

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