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TheGreatNude Invitational 2010 at Roger Smith Hotel

TheGreatNude Invitational was our first major exhibition featuring 27 international artists, working in traditional and contemporary styles and mediums, all on display on 2 floors of the Roger Smith Hotel in New York City. A packed opening night reception and two nights of sketch parties provided a wonderful context to enjoy the nudes on the walls.

While there was tremendous interest in all of the exhibiting artists, stand-outs included Doug Auld’s sensitive and humanizing portraits of extreme burn victims; Galatea by Krzysztof Izdebski-Cruz, who landed an exhibit at Denise Bibro Fine Art in Chelsea in July; Camilla Fallon’s robust figures quoting art history; Chambliss Giobbi’s sexually graphic collages of his mother and others; Mary Larsen’s delicate but bizarre works on paper; and Walter Robinson’s Three Nudes with Sunglasses, the first work to be grabbed by Chicago collector Howard Tullman. Within the Invitational, a special exhibition curated by artist/curator Leah Poller, entitled Corpus Hermeticum, featured seminal works by the renowned Odd Nerdrum, Adam Miller, Richard T. Scott and Fedele Spadafora.

On the final day of TheGreatNude Invitational, a panel of renowned artists, curators, critics and writers, join moderator Jeffrey Wiener for a lively, thoughtful and sometimes humorous discussion on the role of the nude in contemporary art. Panelists included Sherry Camhy, Vincent Desiderio, Donald Kuspit, Leah Poller, and Richard T. Scott.

Curator/Artist Leah Poller discusses curating for TheGreatNude Invitational, Corpus Hermeticum and exhibiting artist Odd Nerdrum. Additional commentary by fellow exhibiting artists Richard T. Scott, Adam Miller and Fedele Spadafora on their group exhibit at TheGreatNude Invitational and the use of the Nude in their work.




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