Gallery: Lilianne Milgrom

Artist Statement:

It would be difficult to categorize my work according to a specific genre, style, or even theme – a  subject intrinsically demands its own form of artistic expression. I have found that combining different art forms allows for the creation of a more complex visual language. My starting point is usually figurative – the human body is an endless source of inspiration. My new ceramic series ‘Daphne’ (based on the myth of Daphne and Apollo) captures the figure of a woman trapped, unable to spread her wings, realizing that she will never be free again.


I could well be described as a “global artist at large.” Born in Paris, I grew up in Australia, lived for extended periods in Israel and now reside in the United States. My life revolves around art – creating art, looking at art and writing about art. I exhibit extensively in regional and international shows, and my works can be found in both private and institutional collections.

My diverse cultural background has been influential in shaping a multi-disciplinary approach towards my art. Though my body of work is eclectic, it is defined by a conscious balance between the conceptual and the aesthetic. I attempt to find a like balance in my life as well, some days more successfully than others.


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