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VIDEO: A Celebration of Life Drawing

A Celebration of Life Drawing sponsored by TheGreatNude.tv and hosted by the Arts Alliance in cooperation with Town Realty, NYC.

• This Pop-Up Exhibit featured five fabulous Figurative Artists who presented their artworks on several floors of a Landmark Greenwich Village Mansion. Organized by TheGreatNude and curated by Jeffrey Wiener, in collaboration with the Art Alliance and Town Realty. Exhibiting Artists: Sherry Camhy, Janet A. Cook, Leah Poller, John Wellington, and Jeffrey Wiener

This Figurative Arts event also included four days of Sketch Sessions, TheGreatNude’s life drawing events in which the public is invited to join Artists sketching from our life models. TheGreatNude.tv has produced numerous public and private art exhibitions and Life Drawing Events that offer the art-loving public a dynamic interaction with Fine Artists and their art works, in unique settings that are comfortable, insightful and educational.

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