Recreating Famous Nudes Sketch Sessions Videos

Recreating Gustav Courbet’s “Bachante” in pencil.

When TheGreatNude.TV was first launched in 2007, the idea was to recreate famous “Great Nudes” from art history as a television series.

Produced over 12 years ago inside Jeffrey’s tiny Hell’s Kitchen studio with early Digital Video technology, this experimental episode has publisher/artist Jeffrey Wiener taking on the challenge of recreating Gustav Courbet’s Bacchante in pencil with a live model. This video features a lot of wonderful close up nudity, and it’s remarkable that it has been on YouTube uncensored for this length of time. Nevertheless, make sure to watch the whole video to see the landscape portion of the final artwork come together.

“These early videos were rough, and I felt quite awkward with my role in front of the camera for the first time. I’m not comfortable with doing demo work while talking, because it’s hard to stay in “the zone” and concentrate on drawing, let alone producing and directing myself for television while drawing. But I’m quite proud of the effort and the documentary quality of this art video series.”

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