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LifeDrawing Events During Art Basel Week Miami

As one of the supporting sponsors of the FRIDGE ART FAIR (Miami, Dec. 2014 edition) TheGreatNude presenting several Life Drawing Events in Miami during Art Basel Week. Jeffrey Wiener, Artist and Publisher of figurative arts website set up an DJ-style Booth with multiple screens projecting Digital Art created live from his iPad during Fridge Art Fair’s After-Party at Little Havana’s popular Jazz club Ball & Chain on Thursday, December 4, 9-11pm, and at Club Madonna on Saturday, December 6, 9-11pm.

As one of the sponsors of the FRIDGE ART FAIR, (Miami, Dec. 2014 edition) TheGreatNude was asked to present 2 Life Drawing events during Miami’s Art Basel Week. We are have been producing Life Drawing events for the public featuring Nude models for years. And I will drop anything just to get back to my hometown and soak in the cultural changes of the tide during those heady days of Art Basel Week.

I grew up in Miami during the early sixties, and lived as a young child with my grandparents on South Beach. My grandmother used to take my brother and I shopping on Washington Avenue with all the old Jewish ladies and black-coated Hasedic men. The transformation of this area of Miami is shocking and alluring at the same time. So I jumped at the chance to produce a Life Drawing event in Little Havana, and then on South Beach during a crazy, art-saturated Saturday Night at Club Madonna.

TheGreatNude set up a DJ-styled Art Booth at Little Havana’s popular jazz club “Ball and Chain” on Thursday night. Patrons of the club were treated to several screens which projected drawings that I was doing on my iPad. A jazz trio played standard classics in the corner, and booze from a liquor sponsor flowed freely. I got a chance to simply enjoy what I love to do, and broadcast the experience like background music.

Quite the surprise came when I was also offered the opportunity to repeat this Life Drawing “performance” at South Beach’s Club Madonna. I’ve never had the opportunity to draw exotic dancers in action, and I was actually quite interested in this challenge. With very limited exception, the dancers at this club would not be photographed or video-taped. So I had to really work at capturing the human figure in continual motion.

My goal in this sketch session at Club Madonna was to ultimately capture the mood of the evening with color and motion. I was determined to experiment with the software I am using these days on my iPad (Procreate), and to have a little fun in the spirit of the location.

The video presents some of the drawings created on the iPad by Artist and Publisher Jeffrey Wiener during the Club Madonna event, and featured images created from the exotic dancers.




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