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Submerge • New Photography Series and Video by Cheryl Maeder • Submerge explores the relationship we human beings have with the environment, both in the personal and the universal context. We, as living beings, are not separate from the Earth. The human body contains 70% of water fluids and the oceans waters cover more than […]


Granularity – a video by Redhoot

This interesting video from Redhoot came to me through Vimeo. I contacted the producer behind this video and asked him for an short interview: JW: What inspired you to create the visual approach to this music video? Redhoot: The theme of granularity; which is also relevant in the technology used in the images and music, […]

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Three Blue Nudes

These three paintings are from the “Shared Spaces” series that I began in the mid-nineties. There’s many psychological and intimate portraits in that collection, people I know, couples, pairs. It’s mostly drawings, but the origin of this series were these several figurative works painted exclusively in “Pthalo” Blue and Ultra-Marine acrylics. The larger works are […]

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Gallery: Chris Francis

  Artist Statement: The current direction of my work reverts to the exploration and experimentation experienced as a student in the 60s – those heady days of the Beatles and social and cultural change. Consequently, the materials used are more readily found in a DIY store rather than Winsor and Newton. I had initially begun working […]

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LifeDrawing Events During Art Basel Week Miami

As one of the supporting sponsors of the FRIDGE ART FAIR (Miami, Dec. 2014 edition) TheGreatNude presenting several Life Drawing Events in Miami during Art Basel Week. Jeffrey Wiener, Artist and Publisher of figurative arts website set up an DJ-style Booth with multiple screens projecting Digital Art created live from his iPad during Fridge Art Fair’s After-Party at Little Havana’s […]