Mexican Photographer Protests Killings with Nudes

Mexico is a very conservative country, and the use of The Nude is a provocative statement in Mexican culture. With that in mind, Mexican photographer Édgar Olguín has published a series of photographs taken as part of a project to protest the killings of 43 Mexican student protestors last fall at the hands of a local government, who worked in cooperation with local drug gangs to commit this horrible crime.

This project entitled Poner el cuerpo. Sacar la voz (loosely translated to “Place the Body: Speak Out”) and is part of a strategy designed to bring the most attention to the heinous mass killings. The images were originally released on this Tumbler page. The subjects of the project were labeled with Hashtags and phrases such as “It was the army,” “State Murderer,” “Four Months of Impunity,” “#I’vehadenough,” and “We keep fighting 43.”

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