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Jeremy Lipking: One-Man Exhibition

Jeremy Lipking: One-Man Exhibition
Arcadia Gallery, June 10 – 25, 2010

Accompanying interview with Arcadia Fine Arts owner Steven Diamant

TGN: Steven, thank you for sharing some of the lovely nudes by Jeremy Lipking, who’s currently on exhibit in a one-man show at your gallery Arcadia. This is his first show in New York in about 4 years. He is a very popular artist with our audience as well. To what do you attribute his popularity among your collectors.

Steven Diamant: While some painters are popular because of their “gimmicks” and others are popular because of their “celebrity acquaintances,” Jeremy Lipking is popular because he is, simply put, one of the most gifted, young, figurative painters in the country. When the question, “Why don’t people paint like this anymore?” is asked, ad infinitum in the 19th Century painting wing of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, just show them Jeremy’s works to know that people still can… and do.

TGN: How do his nudes rank – as far as appeal – across all of the subjects he paints?

Steven Diamant: His nudes sell as quickly as any other subject matter he paints. An elegantly painted nude is, and will always be, timeless and sought after. These paintings were all sold before the exhibition opened.

TGN: Recently, several of Jeremy’s artworks on Facebook required the use of black bars over portions of the nudes he published. Many of his fans were offended and the online discussions were all over the place with regards to censorship. What are your thoughts regarding the recent spate of art censorship issues popping up on social media outlets such as Face Book? Has this affected how you promote your artists on Facebook?

Steven Diamant: If an artist really wants their work to be seen, there are dozens of other ways to get it seen. Not really sure why everything has to be a controversy. There are guidelines for Facebook. If you do not agree with them, show the work via another site. Start your own damned social network. That’s the beauty of adversity, it causes one to create a new path to getting something accomplished. People are so quick to be dramatic and raise a fuss these days. They hire an attorney because they burnt their tongue on McDonald’s coffee or picket a museum because they are offended by nudity. Get a life and make sure you black out every mirror in every one of your bathrooms.

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