Granularity – a video by Redhoot

This interesting video from Redhoot came to me through Vimeo. I contacted the producer behind this video and asked him for an short interview:

JW: What inspired you to create the visual approach to this music video?

Redhoot: The theme of granularity; which is also relevant in the technology used in the images and music, references the atomic nature of our inner-self. I had some imagery and thoughts associated with the formation of relationships between people. How one undresses/deconstructs and rebuilds based on meaningful input from people one care about.

JW: What were your creative challenges in making this video?

Redhoot: Creative challenges were more about finding ways to represent the thoughts and meaning through rather uncontrollable events like physics-simulations. Conceptualizing the ideas aside; the amount of data proved to be a little challenge with the limited computational-power I had at my disposal. The video was made on and off for about a month, working evenings and weekends mostly. The music took about a month to do too, but was completed ahead of the video.

JW: Will you be exploring any other “figurative video” projects?

Redhoot: Bodies, faces, identity and humans have always been subjects of my interest. I’m sure I’ll revisit them again. But for now; there’s some other aspects of humans, art, sound and interactivity I’m exploring.

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