Waterfall Girl

I found photographer Stefan Soell’s work on a nude model website. These shots taken at an exotic waterfall location present this beautiful, athletic model against the marvelous backdrop of this location. All are wonderful references for drawing the Nude.

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Jeff Muhs: The Origin of Nymphs

Showing at Lyons Wier Gallery are the icon-infused works of Long Island native Jeff Muhs. Aptly named The Origin of Nymphs, these large works are part of a larger series Muhs is developing entitled Another History. When approaching the Gallery, and at first glance, these luscious, richly-painted canvases seem to be enlarged, out-of-focus photographs of […]

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The Nudes of Picasso

When asked to describe an artistic genius, most people think of the Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. Picasso exhibited his undeniable creative talents at an early age and left a large body of excellent work produced throughout his prodigious lifetime. His whole career appears to have been the result of a successful strategy of exploration and […]