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Stefano Losi Solo Exhibit at U.N.: Respiro


I was invited to an art exhibition at the Untied Nations by TheGreatNude Registry’s Stefano Losi, a figurative artist, poet, and sculptor. The opening was well attended by fans of his work, and diplomats from a number of nations. I had a chance to meet up with Stefano before the opening to chat about the road that led him to this modern Renaissance life here in New York. After surveying Stefano’s paintings, I asked him to show me his new sculpture, and to recite some of the his evocative poetry for us to contemplate while we look at his works again.

Presented by UNSRC Literary Cultural Circle at the United Nations in collaboration with Instituto Italiano di Cultura, New York

United nations, New York
Curved Wall Conference Building – April 13-17
Reception: Friday April 17th, 6pm

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