Jenny Poses for TheGreatNude

One of our favorite models in a series of flat reclining poses. Resting on a warm-yellow wooden floor, under a bright sunlamp, our model catches reflected light and displays a wonderful range of undulating shadows. These strong contrasts of light and color are always a challenge to the artist drawing from Life. In the video […]


Gallery: Ken Grant

  Artist Statement: To me art is a very personal thing.  It’s all about visual communication between the artist and the viewer. If a piece of art moves you and speaks to you it is a great painting no matter the medium or style. If it makes you want to take it into your life […]


Gallery: L’OR

  Artist Statement: Out of a dynamic and fluid background, I create a figure captured in a single moment of time. My most expressive works are those of my love. Our love is always evolving, each painting is an expression of our love at a particular moment. Biography: Born in 1960 in Montreal, L’OR discovered the pleasure […]


Gallery: Lilianne Milgrom

  Artist Statement: It would be difficult to categorize my work according to a specific genre, style, or even theme – a  subject intrinsically demands its own form of artistic expression. I have found that combining different art forms allows for the creation of a more complex visual language. My starting point is usually figurative […]


Gallery: Cheryl Maeder

Artist Statement: The Dreamscapes Series were inspired by my travels to the Mediterranean coastal towns of Spain. I found that photographing in the impressionistic style causes the viewer to see the entire image with its palette of colors, form & light creating a mood, an emotion. My camera becomes my paintbrush, my instrument to convey […]


Gallery: Janet A. Cook

Artist Statement: The common thread through out my work is my fascination with the figure; it’s timeless, beautiful and powerful. Additional inspiration comes from a variety of sources ranging from the old masters to modern day advertising, graffiti and body art. My goal is to combine these elements, along with my own imagination into a […]


Gallery: Jeffrey Wiener

Artist Statement: As an Artist, I am constantly searching for ways to express my deeper observations on humanity. It’s that simple. Sometimes, I pack my largest thoughts into a complicated image. Sometimes, I focus on how beautiful we are as a species in a simple drawing of a nude figure. I have developed several “bodies” […]